Services, Role & Fees


EIL’s technical writing & editing services include:

  • researching from published sources and interviewing subject matter experts (SMEs) to ensure the document’s scope is covered
  • writing original and rewritten text to ensure the message is clear and accurate
  • editing to ensure the style conventions are consistent throughout the document and the content is well organized
  • proofreading to ensure the final text is intact and the figures are correctly referenced
  • project managing to ensure the content is focused and complete for the document’s purpose
  • coordinating document production from material selection to publication to ensure the document is delivered on time—and on budget
  • creating and evaluating corporate and technical documentation style guides, standards and guidelines

EIL’s corporate communication services include:

  • brainstorming with the client to decide the best way to send the message
  • interviewing the inhouse experts, then writing the words to transmit that message
  • working with the graphic designer, either inhouse or on contract to EIL, to design the vehicle that best presents the message
  • working with the publisher to produce and distribute the message

EIL’s editing services include:

  • first-pass edit of the manuscript, be it a novel, a short story or an essay
  • subsequent edits, as necessary, to ensure the language mechanics are correct and fluid
  • a final edit to polish the story and get it ready for publication
Adam, 2016

Courtesy of “Adam@Home” by Rob Harrell


EIL’s role encompasses:

  • organizing and leading the editorial group
  • managing the document’s timeline to meet its deadline
  • researching and analyzing materials for the document
  • interviewing SMEs
  • working on multiple documents simultaneously


EIL’s fees are determined by the scope of the work, with:

  • a lump sum charged for a well-defined, discrete project
  • an hourly rate for technical documents and developing manuscripts

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