Let me introduce my company. After working for a consulting engineering firm for 10 years, I decided to change shape along with the corporate world and re-engineer my career from being an employee into becoming an owner. So in May 1995, I founded Editor’s Ink and began offering my writing and editing services to the corporate community. Because I live and work in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, it’s not surprising that my primary clients have been from the primary industry, oil & gas. Technical documentation in this industry demands a grasp of scientific knowledge and an attention to detail that always keeps an editor on her toes: The challenge is to translate the concepts and resource development into clear language, illuminating complexity by eliminating corporatese and convolution.
But the world is not only technical, and I’ve had the good fortune to write across the corporate spectrum of marketing materials. Then in September 2003, I had more good fortune: I was contacted by a budding novelist almost ready to go to print with her first novel. Editing that first novel has led to our ‘global’ relationship—with her writing in various parts of the US and me editing in Calgary—and has continued through to her latest novel in 2015.
All my work, of course, rests on my knowledge of English. To keep pace with the constant evolution of this global language, I read and read and read the best writers in best-written newspapers, magazines and books. More and more, this includes online commentary, especially for current news. Words in the English mansion change with whole new rooms added to accommodate our expanding knowledge, such as the online world, but the foundation remains intact: The simple words and active voice remain its strength and glory. And my job is to enhance this strength in original text and in edited text.

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