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Let’s talk. And as the walrus says, about everything and anything as our fancy takes us—style for every day, the art and satisfaction of running a comfortable and welcoming home, the joy and work of entertaining at home, politics from a centre-right perspective…

…and even about what I do for a living: writing & rewriting, editing & proofreading technical documents, website text, promotional materials, novels and memoirs. In short, when getting the words right matters, Editor’s Ink is there to help.

“ ‘The time has come,’ the Walrus said,
To talk of many things:
Of shoes—and ships—and sealing wax―
Of cabbages—and kings―
And why the sea is boiling hot―
And whether pigs have wings.’ ”
The Walrus and the Carpenter by Lewis Carroll

Books & family pictures

Creating a home means surrounding yourself with the things you love. Which means that our home is full of books and family pictures.Books As an avid reader since I could, I loved the sight, the feel, the smell of books and the taste and sound of the words as I read...

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At a crossroads

The barbarians are at the gates of Western civilization, mounted on their steeds of oppressive isms with their dogs of grievance baying cacophonously for the blood of enlightenment to feed their voracious appetite for power. As Hillaire Belloc wrote, The Barbarian...

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The winter of our content

We ended 2022 on a dismal note, with both of us sick on Christmas Day, Jack seriously for the rest of December. We began 2023 on a joyous note with Jack’s miraculous return to his normal health and both of us in good spirits: We could look forward to another year in...

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Via pulchritudinis – The way of beauty

Over my long life, I spent long afternoons and evenings (spanning the night at times) reading literary fiction. Literature is the only genre that lets us explore the human experience as it is lived hourly, daily, weekly.

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