A Teacher and an Editor

Teaching English

My first career was teaching English in high school, so perhaps the plea by a consulting engineering company to help its engineers write a simple report—or even a simple sentence—was not surprising. Many technical people—and lots of others—need help with writing the English language.

technical writing workshops:

To address this need, I created a technical writing course, focusing on the infrastructure of the English language: grammar, punctuation, voice, sentence structure. The workshop objectives are:

  • how to write clearly and concisely using the active voice
  • how to organize, write and revise good technical documents
  • how to improve the layout and look of company documents

The workshop consists of six two-hour sessions scheduled at two sessions a week. But its structure is flexible so that it can be easily adapted to fit the client’s timetable.


I offer English tutoring to individuals—with either one or two participants—which is especially valuable for professionals whose native tongue is not English.


  • Tri Ocean Engineering
  • Tartan Engineering
  • Cimarron Engineering
Courtesy of "Reality Check" by Dave Whamond

Courtesy of “Reality Check” by Dave Whamond

Editing Manuscripts

And now for something completely different…EIL has been the editor for novels, a fantasy and a memoir.


  • Becky Due – novels, beginning with her first and just finished the sixth
  • Jayleen Tran – fantasy
  • Daniel Quirouette – memoir